Pellet Mill Line

Animal Feed Pellet mill for cattle, chicken feeds

Poultry feed production line is mainly composed of Raw material receiving system, Grinding system,Batching & Mixing System, Pelleting & Cooling System, Packing System .

 Feed Machine

Main Feed Machinery
Machine Model Capacity
Harmmer Mill SFSP Series 3-13(t/h)
Mixer Machine SJHS/SLHSJ Series 250-3500(kg/bat)
Pellet Machine SZLH Series 0.4-15(t/h)
Cooling Machine SKLN/SKLNW Series 3-20 (t/h)
Packing machine BCP Series 150-500(bag/h)

To meet the different needs and customer demand, we design and install efficient poultry feed pellet production line according to the customer’s specific situation for them , to maximize cumstomers’ profit.

◆ Capacity: 1T- 20T per hour

◆ Raw materials: soybeans, corn, maize, wheat bran, rice, sorghum, etc.

◆ Application of the complete poultry feed pellet plant: Suitable to make various poultry feed and aquatic feed for cattle, chickens, ducks, sheep, pigs, pigeons, fishes and shrimp etc.

◆ Wide range diameters of pellets: 2-10mm to meet different animals demands.

Poultry Feed Production Line Cattle Feed Production Line Chicken Feed Production Line
Widely applied in chicken, laying hens, hen, cock, duck, geese, quail and other animal feed processing and production line Making mash and pellet feed applying to cattle (including baby and older ), dairy cattle, cow, bull or ox ,ect. We can design the solution for many customer,application:chicken feed, hen feed, cock feed, layer feed…


Animal Feed Production Line

LoChamp Group — as a professional animal feed making machine manufacturer with 20 years experiences in China, we take our responsibility to our customers very seriously.Wide Application Field: Animal Feed Line , Cattle Feed Line, Chicken Feed Line, Fish Feed Line, Poultry Feed Line, Premix Feed Plant …We Can Fully Meet Customer Demand For A Variety Of Poultry And Livestock , Aquatic And Other Animals Feed Production, And Provide Green, Clean, Hygienic Safety Feed For Kinds Animal.Short installation period, easy operation, low maintenance cost, less floor space, low palnt height and small investment, we can provide full service from design, installation to after sales.

Animal Feed Production Line Flow Chart

Process Of Animal Feed Production Line :
Raw materials–>Grinding–>Mixing the ingredients–>Cooling and Screening–>Packaged product storage

Main Machinery

Feed Grinding Machine

Feed Mixing Machine

Making Pellet Machine

 Have a large number of loyal customers in the world; the feedback of customers is very good.  Volume: 0.5 ~ 7 m³;Loading coefficient: 0,4-0,9; CV: ≤5%  Dual motor driving system, low noise and no need for lubrication, screw feeder adopts frequency converter.
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