Sifter machine

Sifter machine,also called screen machine, is to screen the pellet feed of different sizes,normal size to the product bin,small size to pellet mill,big size to crumbler.

LoChamp sifter machines is SFJH Series Rotatory Grading Sifter

SFJH Series Rotatory Grading Sifter Machine

1.Type:Rotatory Grading Sifter
2.Capacity(T/H):5-48 ( Pellet Feed)
3.Capacity(T/H):3-36 ( Mash Feed)
4.Application:Applies to the grading and secondary circulation grinding process for pellet and crumbled pellet.

SFJH Sifter Machine Feature
1. Use v-belt driven side-heavy balance mechanism and elastic tail support structure, material does rotary motion on horizontal work surface, high fitering accuracy, small vibration.
2. The streamline design within the outlet, without deposition, avoid cross contamination.
3. Pressure screening is simple, convenient and can be replaced rapidly.
4. Customized single-layer screen, dual-screen and three-layer screen.

SFJH Sifter Machine Specification

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