Feed Cooler Machine

As we have add steam to the pellet mill,the pellet out from the pellet mill will be about 80℃,moisture 15%-16%,not suitable to pack,so we need to cool them. Pellet Feed will be cooled in the cooler and discharged,After cooling,the temperature of the pellet feed will be about 2-3℃ above the room temperature and with 13% moisture more or less.

LoChamp supply two types of feed cooler machine, they are:
SKLNW Series Full Circular Cooler
SKLN Series Counterflow Cooler

SKLNW Series Full Circular Cooler

1. Type: Full Circular Cooler
2.Patent number: 2011,20,166,690.x
3.Capacity : 8-20T/H
1.Use counterflow priciple to cool the pellet withe high temperature and high humidity,avoid direct contact with cold wind, which can prevent the pellet from surface cracking effectively.
2.Material temperature is not higher than + 3℃at room temperature after cooling, moisture reducing rate is no less than 3.95% .
3.All round cooling bin, no dead corner, pellets drop more uniformly and thus be cooled more evenly.
4.New rotary distributor ensures height difference of material surface is less than 100mm, which brings same air volume in cooling bin and more evenly cooling effect .
5.Disharging without rub or squeeze which avoid the fragmentation of pellets.
6.The equipment has access door in the front, which facilitate regular maintenance and inspection.
7.Comparing with motor discharge which brings high energy consumption(motor needs to be started freq-uently), pneumatic disharge can save 80%power
8. Increased air intake area (10 times), decrease the resistance of cooling fan, and saving 20% energy consumption
9.No residues when changing variety of materials, avoid cross-contamination of materials.
10.Applies to pellet cooling whose length is less than 40mm.


SKLN Series Counterflow Cooler

1. Type: Counterflow Cooler
2.Temperature after Cooling: ≤+ 3 °C +Room Temperature
3.Capacity : 3-7T/H

1.Octagonal section cooling bin ensures no dead corner and is propitious to material cooling when output is below 6t/h.
2.Fence discharge agency with reciprocating linear motion brings more smoothly and uniformly discharge
3.Overall vertical layout, simple and beautiful.
4.The equipment has access door in the front, the side and top cover have viewing windows for easy observation and inspection.
5.Pressure reduced board at discharging, improve the work load, reduce distortion, extend the life of the part.
6.Gear motor drives eccentric shaft as transmission, smooth and reliable, low noise,easy to install and maintain


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