Conveyor machine

conveyor machine is key machine in feed production line. It is used to conveyor the raw material, powder feed,pellet feed to the storage bin.

LoChamp supply three types of conveyor machines for animal feed mill project. They are TDTG Series Bucket Elevator,TGSS Series Scraper Conveyor,TLSS series Screw conveyor.

TDTG Series Bucket Elevator

LoChamp TDTG series bucket elevator is a kind of stationary type conveyor mainly used in continuous vertical lifting powder, pellet and small particles material. Widely used for lifting bulk material in feed, flour, rice, oil, starch industry and grain depots, port etc.
1.Type: Bucket Elevator
2.Conveying Height(m): 2.2-30kw
3.Conveying Capacity(m³/h ): 3-56
4.Belt line Speed(m/s): 1.23-2.87

1.Split type head wheel that greatly reducing cost and workload of head round rubber replacement.
2.Barrel uses biting technique, one time formed, with superior sealing and rigidity, without deformation.
3.Optional tail wheel structure style, ensure the best adaptability
4.A fill range of security configuration to ensure optimal use and security.


TGSS Series Scraper Conveyor

LoChamp TGSS series Scraper conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment to transport diffuse raw materials in the closed rectangular shell by moving scrapers and chain. It is suitable for transporting powder, pellet and small block raw materials, can be widely used in raw materials’level transporting in feed mill, flourmill, rice mill, oil plant, starch factory with different capacities and grin storage, port etc.
1.Chain Speed (m/s): 2.2 – 15
2.Transportation Distance(m):3-66
3.Conveying Capacity(m3/h):40-97

1.Shaft end uses the latest packing seal to ensure no leakage.
2.New patented antiblocking device, flexible and safe with good sealing performance.Adjustable feed plateat inlet can adjust feeding volume, to ensure the best working condition, to coordinate front and rear equipment.
3.Movable body at the tail can minimize the residue; flexible scraper plate and feed-back cup on the chain,minimizing the residue at machine head.
4.Full assembly type mechanical design, easy maintenance.


TLSS series Screw conveyor

TLSS series Screw Conveyor can be used in wide range of level and small inclination (0° ~ 20°) transport for powdery, pellet and small block materials.When working, raw materials is transported from inlet to conveyor trough, and pushed to outlet by thrust of spiral blade’s rotation.
1.Type:Screw Feeder
2.Chain Speed (m/s): 2.2 – 15
3.Transportation Distance(m):3-66
4.Application:big inlet,avoid raw material block

1. big inlet,avoid raw material block
2. bearing sealing, bearing insulate end plate,avoid bearing into impurity
3. use to high precision materials,such as light calcium,mountain flour,pre-mix etc
4. Small size,low noise,flexible position arrangement of inlet and outlet.
5. Optional anti-blocking warning speed alarm.


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