Bagging Machine

BCP Series Automatic Bagging machine is applied to pack the powder and pellet material into bags ,according to a certain speed and weight.Widely used in grain, feed, food, light structuring and chemical industry.

1.Type: Bagging Machine
2.Bagging speed(bags/h): 150-700
3.Dynamic precision: 0,2% FS,Static precision: 0,1% FS
4.Weighing range(kg): 20-50

BCP Series Automatic Bagging machine Feature
1.Unique anti-shock device to ensure measurement accuracy, fast packaging, stable operation under complex working conditions.
2.External regulation of the machine, convenient to repair.
3.Original imported key parts, longer service life, stronger anti-interference ability
4.Modify some code digital calibration fall at any time and tracking automatically at zero .
5.Belt feeding scale is suitable for packing powder and pellet, while screw feeding scale is only applicable to packaging of powder.
6.It use three speed control with fast,middle,slow, belt feeding,high accuracy;
7.Advanced digital inverter technology, sample processing technology, anti-interference technology, and to achieve automatic compensation and error correction.
8.The machine use steel frame structure, independent suspension weighing sensors, smooth operation, easy to operate and accurate weighing;
9.Suitable for high moisture particulate and powder material.

BCP Series Automatic Bagging machine Specification

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